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Meet the Team

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Philip Haverkamp

Venture Partner

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Matthias Willenbacher is a visionary in energy transition and a dedicated impact investor, boasting over 25 years of expertise since establishing Juwi AG.

As the driving force behind WiWin and Wi Venture, he has made sustainable investments accessible for individual investors and passionately backs startups aiming for a net-zero future.


In recognition of his investments and unwavering startup support, Matthias was honored as one of the top three startup investors at the German Startup Awards 2020.

Through his endeavors and investments, Matthias remains committed to crafting a greener future for everyone.

Matthias Willenbacher

Initiator - Anchor Investor - Venture Partner
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Apply Today

Together at kopa ventures, we aim to enable sustainable start-ups to grow. If you would also like to contribute to our vision, feel free to apply for one of our open positions or a position in one of our portfolio companies.

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