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Keeping Our Planet Alive.


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At Kopa
As the stewards of the Earth and its invaluable resources, we at kopa ventures, stand united under a simple, yet profound motto: "Keeping Our Planet Alive."

Our Motto

When we speak of keeping our planet alive, we do not merely refer to the physical rock orbiting the sun. We refer to the intricacies of life — the rich tapestry of ecosystems, the mesmerizing symphony of biodiversity, and the interplay of countless organisms that make our home truly alive.​

Addressing the complexities of climate change requires not just acknowledgment but proactive intervention. As a venture capital fund, we are uniquely positioned to foster, encourage, and invest in innovations and entrepreneurs that will not only combat climate change but redefine our relationship with nature.

"Keeping Our Planet Alive" is a declaration of purpose, a recognition of the challenges before us, and a commitment to a vision where our economy and nature coexist in harmony.

We can accelerate a climate-positive economy. Together.

About Us

Kopa Ventures (previously Wi Venture), founded by renewable energy pioneer Matthias Willenbacher, is a leading early-stage Venture Capital firm focusing on Europe's most innovative climate tech startups in the areas of Energy, Mobility, Nature and carbon Tech.


Since its inception in 2017, Kopa Ventures has successfully invested in over 25 incubations and startups, resulting in numerous exits, an IPO, and more achievements on the horizon.

Our Story


We are on a mission to empower early-stage start-ups to build the best Energy, Mobility, Nature, and carbon solutions for climate-positive change.

As one of Europe’s first early-stage climate tech VCs, we are actively tackling the world‘s largest environmental problems.

Our Mission



Why Us

Founders First

All our team members are entrepreneurs themselves, having founded their start-ups.  This firsthand experience grants us an authentic understanding of the challenges founders face.


We offer more than just financial backing; we share our collective insights, all while ensuring founders retain their entrepreneurial autonomy and spirit. 

We provide access to a unique network of partners, relevant industry experts, potential customers, and follow-on investors. Through our mature portfolio, we build strong synergies.

Impact Driven

Unlocking a world of possibilities, venture capital holds the key to financing innovative solutions that are paving the way for a sustainable future.


We assess the true environmental impact of each potential investment. In our impact methodology, we not only review the typical carbon metrics, such as greenhouse gas emissions reduced or captured, but also other material impact KPIs in the context of biodiversity and resources management.


By adopting this structured approach, we aim to maximize the impact and returns of our investments.


Our Thesis

Pre - Seed, Seed,
Series A


Mobility, Energy, Nature
& Carbon


Europe, with a focus on
DACH region 



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